Safe, stable housing is a key component of maintaining health and wellbeing. However, the identification documents required to qualify for public or affordable housing can be difficult to obtain for people with complex health and social needs. Individuals experiencing homelessness may lack the stability and resources needed to obtain the necessary documents for housing. 

Webinar: Accessing housing: Overcoming the documentation barrier

The webinar featured speakers from 2018 National Consumer Scholars Dennis Heaphy, Rodney Dawkins, and Jamal Brown who discussed the barriers created by identification requirements. They also shared potential policy and organizational solutions to these barriers to help providers and advocates better serve their communities.


  • Dennis Heaphy, Healthcare Advocate, Disability Policy Consortium
  • Rodney Dawkins, Community Health Worker, Heartland Alliance
  • Jamal Brown, Community Advisory Committee member, Camden Coalition

Listen to the webinar here

Download the webinar slides

Webinar date: July 29, 2019