The Next Generation of Movement Builders was the final plenary session of December 2018’s Putting Care at the Center conference, the second annual conference of the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs.

In recent times, youth from across the Nation have banded together to demand a change to the status quo. Building a complex care movement takes time, and it will therefore be critical for the complex care community to provide a strong foundation upon which the leaders of tomorrow can stand firm and continue the journey towards whole person-centered care for all complex care patients. The panel discussed the current state of the complex care movement and the actions needed to support continued and sustained progress.

Introductory Remarks: Robyn Golden, Rush University Medical Center

Moderator: Jackie Judd, Kaiser Health News


  • Eliza Hutchinson, Country Doctor Community Health Clinics
  • Isaiah Pickens, iOpening Enterprises
  • Brenda Wiewel, University of Southern California
  • Stacy Stanford, Utah Health Policy Project