Host organization: The Health & Housing Consortium, Inc.

The Consortium is a collaborative network of healthcare, housing, homeless and social services organizations, and government partners. Their shared goal is improving health equity and housing stability by fostering cross-sector relationships, informing policy, and building the capacity of frontline workers to support people with unmet health and housing needs. The Consortium supports frontline staff by providing information and support; helps connect organizations and staff across the health, housing, and social service sectors; and uses their platform to inform policy that will strengthen and integrate the healthcare and housing systems for vulnerable New Yorkers with health and housing needs.

Issue: Lack of safe discharge locations for patients without stable housing

New Yorkers experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity often also have complex medical and behavioral health needs. However, homeless services and housing systems are not equipped or adequately resourced to safely serve discharged patients with acute medical needs. There are currently a small number of medical respite interventions in New York that provide the level of care necessary to improve health outcomes for homeless and housing-insecure individuals. However, there is nowhere near the number of available programs needed to assist individuals find a safe place to recuperate after discharge or find appropriate, permanent housing.