Host organization: Colorado Health Institute

The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan health policy research organization with a long record of supporting community partners in advancing health. CHI works as a convener, facilitator, and strategic advisor for the Metro Denver Partnership for Health (MDPH). MDPH is a collaboration of public health departments, healthcare systems, human services agencies, and others with the goal of promoting health and well-being of the three million Coloradans living in the metro Denver region. For MDPH’s interoperable Social Health Information Exchange (S-HIE) initiative, CHI supports cross-sector coordination, collaborative governance structure design, interoperability implementation planning, and community engagement.

Issue: Siloed systems aren’t meeting the needs of many families

Disconnected, siloed health and social care systems prevent many Coloradans from accessing services when they need them. These unmet needs increase the likelihood that a person will develop a chronic disease and not have resources to care for their illness. Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous populations disproportionately experience these gaps in services, and crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic worsen these issues. One of the key barriers to cross-sector collaboration in the region is the lack of an easily accessible, interoperable data-sharing platform that offers more effective and responsive services to people in need.