Host organization: The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health

The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health is a non-profit agency serving over 4,000 people annually, meeting the evolving mental health and social service needs of children, families and adults of all backgrounds and cultures in Brookline, Boston, and surrounding communities by offering affordable, high quality, comprehensive, and culturally responsive care and services. Created over ten years ago by the Brookline Center, the Healthy Lives program was one of the first programs in the greater Boston area that was designed to address the complex issues facing patients with a combination of medical, behavioral, and social-environmental challenges.

Issue: Silos between complex care teams at different institutions

There has been rapid growth of complex care management teams based in a variety of healthcare institutions in the metro Boston area. Each of the programs face similar challenges but progress toward overcoming them is slow because the teams operate in isolation and long-standing institutional barriers discourage cooperation and shared learning. The programs that serve patients with complex needs in the metro area are siloed within health systems or insurance providers and there is not a community working to advance the complex health needs of patients on a larger scale.


The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health and The National Center brought together providers to share best practices for complex care coordination.


The convening initiated an ongoing network of complex care providers and stakeholders, taking the first step to building a complex care learning community in Boston.

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