Host Organization: Mile High Health Alliance 

Established in 2015, the Mile High Health Alliance (MHHA) convenes 18 organizational members from multiple sectors committed to the vision of achieving better health through collaboration by working together, breaking down silos and transforming systems to meet community-identified needs. Among MHHA’s initial priorities, established through a year-long community engagement process, is improving health outcomes and reducing costs for people with patterns of frequent health system utilization. 

Issue: Lack of cross-sector coordination and data available to reduce emergency department use

MHHA chartered a High Needs Patient (HNP) Workgroup, which conducted a data-sharing pilot among four organizations, ultimately identifying a lack of a proactive, coordinated, multi-sector framework to reduce excessive emergency department use in the Denver metro area. Despite the availability of health information exchange, emergency department personnel are still not easily able to access the data they need to identify HNP, lack standardized response protocols, and have limited connection to available cross-sector community resources. MHHA is developing an “Orange Flag” project working closely with partners who have access to patient data.


MHHA and the National Center will convene stakeholders to establish the relationships to implement the Orange Flag project.


Through the convening, the group will work to form a shared understanding of the approach and project components, identify data available to support the efforts of the project, and develop an action plan to launch a pilot. 

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