It is vital that the experiences of people with complex health and social needs and their caregivers inform the work of the Camden Coalition and the direction of the complex care field. To ensure that health and social care programs understand, respond to, and meet the needs of consumers and their communities, people with lived experiences must be equal partners in the work. The Camden Coalition works to build authentic, impactful, and mutually beneficial partnerships with people with lived experiences and support our partners in the field to do the same. Our community engagement initiatives span our local, regional, and national work.

Consumer leadership in NJ

In Camden, NJ, local complex care consumers, graduates of the Camden Coalition’s care management programs, and community members as well as leaders form our Community Advisory Committee (CAC). CAC leadership are members of the Camden Coalition’s Board of Trustees. In partnership with members of our CAC, in early 2021 we launched the Camden Community Ambassadors program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Ambassadors pioneered an important public health workforce model where trusted members of the community undertake community outreach and education activities while building bridges between the Camden community and local health systems and public health officials. 

Consumer leadership nationally

Since the launch of the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs in 2016, we have engaged consumer leaders from across the country through our National Consumer Scholars program. In 2020, we launched Amplify: A consumer voices bureau, to help build partnerships between complex care organizations and people with lived experience. Through Amplify, our network of consumer experts have supported projects ranging from state quality improvement initiatives, national working groups, policy projects, public speaking engagement, and trainings and education for clinical staff (just to name a few). The National Center’s Advisory Committee also includes people with lived experience as members.

If your organization wants to strengthen its work by incorporating consumer voices in your events, conferences, program design, evaluation projects, or policy initiatives, head to our Amplify page to learn more about the bureau and request a speaker or collaborator.

Consumer leadership resources
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