It is vital that the experiences of people with complex health and social needs and their caregivers inform the work of the National Center and the direction of the complex care field. Since our launch in 2016, the National Center has purposefully engaged consumer leaders from organizations across the country through our National Consumer Scholars program. Consumers are also represented on the National Center’s Advisory Committee, where they act as strategic advisors.

In Camden, NJ, local consumers and community leaders form the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Camden Coalition, which houses the National Center. CAC members are represented on the Camden Coalition’s Board of Trustees as well as in the National Consumer Scholars program.

National Consumer Scholars program

National Consumer Scholars have first-hand experience living with or caring for someone with complex health and social needs, experience with systems-level transformation, and leadership involvement with an organization that provides complex care or advocacy.

Each cohort of Consumer Scholars takes part in peer-led leadership development activities, plays an active role at the annual Putting Care at the Center conference, and brings lessons back to their local communities. Consumer Scholars also work with National Center staff to develop and inform the field of complex care. They help lead field-building efforts like the complex care core competencies working group, develop and present on webinars and workshops, and more.

The National Consumer Scholar program is made possible with financial support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and through support from our National Center network and partnerships with organizations like Community Catalyst and Commonwealth Care Alliance.

To learn more about the National Consumer Scholars program and other leadership opportunities please reach out to our team at

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Amplify: A consumer voices bureau

Does your organization want to strengthen its work by incorporating consumer voices in your events, conferences, program design, evaluation projects, or policy initiatives? Amplify, our consumer voices bureau, was created to increase opportunities for bringing the voices and perspectives of people with lived experience of complex health and social needs into organizations’ work. Head to our Amplify page to learn more about the bureau, browse consumer profiles, and request a speaker or collaborator.

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