The practice of complex care requires significantly different knowledge, skills, and abilities than traditional practice, and proper training and support for the complex care workforce is a significant need of the field. While there is growing awareness of some of the major competencies (e.g. trauma-informed care) that differentiate and are foundational to complex care, there has been no effort until now to name and define a comprehensive set of core competencies for the field.

The Blueprint for Complex Care lays out 11 recommendations to strengthen the field of complex care. The first recommendation is to develop core competencies for the field and practical tools to support their use. Core competencies will enable the development of true standards of practice that can be quantified, trained, and measured.

In response to this recommendation, the National Center and its partners are convening a working group to develop a set of core competencies for the field of complex care. The group will consist of experts from diverse backgrounds and sectors, including complex care consumers and caregivers.

Call for nominations

To ensure a working group that is diverse in sector, geographic location, and lived experience, we are extending an open call to the field for nominations of working group members.

To nominate a colleague, please first read the request for nominations document below, and then fill out the nomination form. We appreciate your help in building a strong field to improve care for individuals with complex needs.

The nomination period is now closed.

Download the request for nominations

Download the project summary