Improving the health and well-being of people with complex health and social needs takes more than one organization. To build a field of complex care with consistent standards, competencies, and ways to measure success, we bring together organizations and experts from across the country, including leaders who have lived experience of complex health and social needs. 

Advancing complex care

The Blueprint for Complex Care is our strategic plan for strengthening the field and advancing complex care across the country. The 11 recommendations of the Blueprint guide our ongoing work in developing core competencies for frontline providers; identifying standardized quality measures for evaluation, quality improvement, and payment; and supporting the leadership and advocacy of complex care consumers.

The work of implementing the Blueprint’s recommendations is overseen by the Complex Care Field Coordinating Committee.

Check out the Blueprint for Complex Care



Building ecosystems of care

People with complex health and social needs interact with organizations and institutions across many sectors. We work across those sectors to encourage the development of coordinated, aligned ecosystems of care in communities across the country. Sectors we engage with include:

  • Addiction medicine and addiction services
  • Community development
  • Criminal justice and legal services
  • Education
  • Food access and nutrition
  • Geriatrics
  • Home care
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Housing
  • Labor and employment
  • Mental health
  • Palliative care
  • Patient advocacy
  • Population health
  • Primary care
  • Public health