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We recognize there is no one-size fits all when it comes to working with individuals who have complex health and social needs. Each of our training relationships is unique and based on the needs and capacity of your organization. Below is a sampling of what many of our past partnerships have found useful.

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The offerings

Observation/internal scan

Observation is an initial period where our National Center team spends time gathering information on how your organization/team/department currently works. Our staff will do a scan of what internal routines and resources are available. During this phase, we look for internal allies and barriers to getting work done. This initial period will help identify what is possible in terms of change and how to scaffold the initiatives to facilitate the greatest impact.

Community asset mapping

Community asset mapping is an external scan of what potential resources, stakeholders, and barriers exist within your community. Similar to the internal scan, this information will help identify what is possible in terms of change and what endeavors will yield a greater return on investment.

Identifying priorities

While most organizations can express what is working and what isn’t working, it can feel daunting to prioritize where to start. After completing an internal scan, our team can provide recommendations on where to prioritize efforts that will be feasible, realistic, and have the greatest possibility for improvement.

Model implementation

Our team has experience helping other organizations implement innovative models such as: community care management teams, ambulatory integrated clinic models, cross-continuum care maps, housing first programs, and addiction clinics.


After we work together to identify your organization’s priorities, we can help co-design different approaches to implement change. Our staff will help you take your big picture goals and break them down into achievable steps and benchmarks. We believe the co-design process creates a better pathway for our partners to achieve their goals.

Making the case for implementation

In larger health systems and in multi-sector systems you will need buy-in from other people in order to successfully activate and execute your plan. We will work with your team on outlining incentives, assessing risk, and identifying the return on investment to draft a pitch to internal and external stakeholders.

Didactic training

We offer a wide variety of didactic trainings including but not limited to: behavioral health approaches, medication assistance training, working in multidisciplinary teams, and using data to create better outcomes. Didactic trainings can be in webinar format, online learning, and in-person trainings. Didactic trainings are based on your organization’s priorities, long-term plan, and needs. Didactic training is typically coupled with coaching sessions to ensure the learnings translate into practice.

Consultation/coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are usually coupled with didactic training. They allow your team members to talk about their experiences implementing the didactic training sessions. Coaching sessions are bi-directional learning processes where our staff will listen to your team’s concerns and achievements and provide insight and feedback tailored to their experiences.

How to present the results

Showcasing your improvement can be just as important as the project design, implementation, and training. How you present your results can impact future funding, boost organizational morale, reinforce learnings, and teach other organizations valuable lessons in caring for individuals with complex health and social needs. We help your organization create a presentation based on your audience and long-term goals.

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Get in touch with a member of our team to figure out how we can set up a training relationship with you. We will listen to what your needs are and get you connected to the right staff member to help create a partnership that works for you.

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