The National Center offers a diverse and growing range of programmatic curricula, which includes our Hotspotting and Complex.Care tracks.


Our Hotspotting curriculum is on online tool for caregivers to address barriers to care, better understand data’s role in healthcare intervention, and learn about patient-centered approaches and the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. This online tool is best used as a companion to our Student Hotspotting program and our Technical Assistance contracts.

Learn more is an easy-to-use, web-based educational companion for clinicians, administrators, social service providers and caregivers who support patients, clients or family members with complex health and social needs. Its goal is to provide comprehensive clinical information on addiction, pain, behavioral health, and other topics related to complex care patient management. The curriculum is being developed by a diverse group of interdisciplinary experts from around the country who work with patients that have complex health and social needs.

Learn more