The National Center offers in-person and online opportunities to convene and learn about the latest developments, research, models, and findings in complex care. This includes regular webinars, our annual conference for the complex care field, and more.

The various systems within communities — including medical care, public health, housing, education, transportation, justice, and human services — directly influence the health and well-being of community members. Yet often, these systems’ policies and practices have excluded, marginalized, and disadvantaged some communities of people — especially people of color — creating long-standing inequities in health and well-being. Cross-system initiatives play an important role in countering these impacts, but they must invest in, work with, and be accountable to the communities they serve in order to truly promote equitable health outcomes. One way to ensure alignment and accountability is through shared measurement: using a common set of measurable goals that reflect shared priorities across systems and with community members.

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“Inverting the burden” is an operational approach to achieving health equity by placing the burden of addressing racism and other inequities on institutions rather than individuals. It includes techniques for addressing the “downstream” immediate needs of complex care patients, the “midstream” supply of affordable housing, quality jobs, and insurance coverage, and the “upstream” root causes of systemic racism. In this webinar, we’ll hear how Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) is inverting the burden at all three levels through the Community Resource Hubs serving the immediate needs of patients at Grady Health System and Mercy Care Atlanta. ARCHI is a multi-system health-housing collaborative of 100 partners, which is aligning health system investment in affordable housing and engaging in ongoing dialogue and learning through a now 4-year exploration of racism and health inequities.

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Open meeting on the National Center’s evaluation and next five years

Date: June 23, 2021

Time: 1-2 pm ET

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Ahead of its five year anniversary, the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs partnered with Mathematica to assess how well its programming delivers on its mission. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the evaluation, and the conversations that flow from it, will inform the next phase of the National Center’s work. This open meeting is an opportunity for the complex care community to contribute to our collective understanding of needs and opportunities the field of complex care faces and guide the work of the organization tasked with advancing it. 

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Putting Care at the Center 2021

Start date: October 20, 2021

End date: October 22, 2021

Time: 12-4 pm ET

Location: Virtual


Join us online this October for our annual conference on complex care. Putting Care at the Center is the annual conference of the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs. It is the only dedicated venue for the complex care field to learn, network, and create a shared agenda for improving care for people with complex needs.

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