Date: September 17, 2019

Time: 1:00-2:00 pm ET


Rural areas present unique challenges and opportunities for individuals with complex needs and those providing their care. These environments may face healthcare workforce shortages, rising rates of opioid use, and geographical barriers to care. However, rural communities often foster close-knit social networks and an entrepreneurial approach to complex health and social issues.

In this month’s webinar session, we welcome Brittany Tenbarge and Mark McGrail from Cherokee Health Systems in Tennessee and Lynn Dorroh, Jo Campbell, and Susan Foster from Hill Country Clinic in California to discuss how their care models address barriers to healthcare in their rural and frontier communities. Presenters will give an overview of their respective organizations along with the tactics they have developed to best meet the needs of their communities.


  • Lynn Dorroh, CEO, Hill Country Clinic 
  • Jo Campbell, Integrated Operations Director, Hill Country Clinic
  • Susan Foster, FNP Medical Director, Hill Country Clinic
  • Brittany Tenbarge, Behavioral Health Consultant, Cherokee Health Systems
  • Mark McGrail, Director of Addiction Medicine, Cherokee Health Systems

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