Date: June 23, 2021

Time: 1-2 pm ET

Events | Open call

Ahead of its five year anniversary, the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs partnered with Mathematica to assess how well its programming delivers on its mission. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the evaluation, and the conversations that flow from it, will inform the next phase of the National Center’s work. This open meeting is an opportunity for the complex care community to contribute to our collective understanding of needs and opportunities the field of complex care faces and guide the work of the organization tasked with advancing it. 

Mathematica evaluated the National Center on its effectiveness  as a hub to unite and advance the field of complex care. Its final report specifically evaluates the National Center on the following functions:

  1. Support application of best practices;
  2. Conceptually define the field of complex care;
  3. Promote underrepresented leadership in complex care; and
  4. Grow and organize the complex care community.

Join us to share your thoughts on the report as well as your ideas, hopes, and priorities for the next five years of the complex care field. The call will include a presentation as well as small group discussions.

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