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Workshop: The Value of Cross-Sector Collaboration in Addressing Complex Health and Social Needs: Lessons from Data-Driven Justice Initiative

Facilitator: Lynn Overmann

Organization: Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Download the slides


Workshop: Rock School 101: Herding Cats and Channeling Divas (or Talent) into Effective Collaboration

Facilitator: Lauran Hardin

Organization: Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

Resource: Download the slides


Workshop: The Integrated Primary Care and Community Supports (I-PaCS) Model: Partnering with MCOs to Target Funding to CHW Services to Address Complex Needs

Sinsi Hernandez-Cancio

Organization: Families USA



Workshop: Complex Care and the Opioid Epidemic: Unique Approaches to Care

Facilitator: Rachel Davis

Organization: Center for Health Care Strategies

Resource: Read: Providing A Safe Space And Medical Monitoring To Prevent Overdose Deaths


Workshop: Building a Trauma-Informed Workforce and Culture: Lessons from the Front Lines

Facilitator: Christopher Menschner

Organization: Center for Health Care Strategies



Workshop: Reducing Socio-Economic Barriers to Care for Vulnerable Populations

Facilitator: Nicole Friedman

Organization: Kaiser Permanente



Workshop: Building the Business Case for High-Need, High-Cost Patient Programs

Facilitator: Margie Powers

Organization: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego



Workshop: A Graduation in Medicine: Deprescribing for Patients with Complex Needs

Facilitator: Lynn DeGuzman

Organization: Kaiser Permanente

Resource: Download: A Graduation in Medicine – Deprescribing [slides]


Workshop: Design Thinking Meets Complex Care

Facilitator: Andy Switky

Organization: Code Name Collective

Resource: Download the slides


Workshop: Optimizing Primary Care Teams for Better Health Outcomes: Tools for Teams of Today (and Tomorrow)

Facilitator: Lindsay Hunt

Organization: Center for Primary Care, Harvard University



Workshop: Evaluating Social & Economic Interventions for Complex Populations

Facilitator: Caroline Fitchtenberg

Organization: SIREN – University of California San Francisco